Sofie Siegmann is a visual and performing artist whose work delves into archetypes, chaos, desire, memory, play, and games, expressed through a diverse range of media including paintings, installations, performances and sculptures made with found objects.

Growing up in a family of scientists, Sofie has a keen interest in bridging the gap between natural science and visual arts. Her creative exploration often starts with everyday objects and the memories they hold. In a recent commissioned public sculpture in Switzerland, she intricately handled hundreds of plastic bags to create "The Beast" in the Alps, a synthesis of her fascination with structure and construction. This artwork serves as a powerful reminder that the Alps were once the ocean floor and that plastic, a material seemingly eternal, transcends time, international borders, and geological boundaries.

Sofie finds inspiration in the tangible world surrounding us and believes in the transformative potential of art for people and spaces. Her dedication to working with youth and integrating art into her public projects showcases her commitment to shaping a more vibrant and engaging environment through artistic expression.

Her paintings and sculptures have been represented by Galerie für Gegenwartskunst/Switzerland, SF MOMA Artists’ Gallery/USA, Kunstfokus/Switzerland. International Art Fairs include Art Zurich/Switzerland and Art Karlsruhe/Germany.

Numerous solo and group exhibitions with critical acclaim took place in England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Slovenia, South Korea, Switzerland, Thailand and the USA.

Residencies in Osor/Croatia, Piran/Slovenia, Osaka/Japan, Berlin/Germany, Las Vegas/NV, Richmond/CA, and Bangkok/Thailand.

Public collections:
CICA Museum South Korea
Curana Ärztezentrum Oerlikon
College of Fine Arts Bangkok
Bank J. Safra Sarasin Zurich
Artefact Hotel Art Consultants London
Firma Marcuard FO Zurich
Goldwell Open Air Museum Nevada
Collection Nikolas Hayek Switzerland
Foundation Castle Greifensee Switzerland
Lied Discovery Children’s Museum Las Vegas
Hospital of Olten Switzerland
Klinik Hirslanden Switzerland
Klinik zur Linde Switzerland
Library Kressbronn Germany
Federal Health Department of Switzerland
United Nations San Francisco
Swiss Re Zurich
Zurich Insurance
ETH Zurich
Sulzer AG Winterthur Switzerland

Private collections:
Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Egypt, Mexico, Austria, Thailand, France, Great Britain, United States.